N&FL Team: The Fabulous Five

It’s anniversary week here at Now and Forever Love, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate with you! Today’s blog post will feature none other than the fabulous five behind N&FL. 

Ready? Let’s go!



Favorite Food Truck: Tacos

Favorite Store to Shop: Anthropologie

Favorite Part of the Wedding: EVERYTHING!! But if I have to choose, then it would have to be the first dance. Usually the couple is more relaxed by the time reception starts, and you get to really see them enjoying the party. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see them whisper and giggle during the dance, and that moment right there literally melts my heart.


Assistant Coordinator

Favorite Food Truck: Not telling because it’ll be a surprise for my guests. But definitely something wild.

Favorite Store to Shop: Trader Joes #food

Favorite Part of the Wedding: When the Bride and Groom lock eyes for the first time as she’s walking down the aisle. I love that it’s such an intimate moment between the couple even as they’re surrounded by guests. No words need to be spoken because all the love, history, and perseverance that led them to this point is in each other’s eyes.



Assistant Coordinator

Favorite Food Truck: In & Out

Favorite Store to Shop: Whole Foods

Favorite Part of the Wedding: I must admit the father/ daughter and the mother/ son dance always stirs up some emotions.


Assistant Coordinator

Favorite Food Truck: In & Out

Favorite Store to Shop: Target

Favorite Part of the Wedding: Definitely the First Look! It’s just so special and it’s that “moment” when the groom sees the bride for the first time in her wedding dress and realize that they’re getting married in a few minutes!


Events Coordinator & Public Relations

Favorite Food Truck: Sangria/Wine Truck

Favorite Store to Shop: Urban Outfitters

Favorite Part of the Wedding: I always tear up at the father/daughter dance. There’s so many bittersweet and loving emotions running through the entire room…I can’t help but tear up every time.

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Hair || Hair Stories by Sue

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