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Hey you! Welcome to Now and Forever Love. We’re thrilled you’re here because we have so much we want to share with you.

First off, let’s focus on you. What brings you here? Are you recently engaged? (Congratulations!) Are you already well into your planning process but just need a little bit of encouragement? Are you looking to plan another event such as a birthday, anniversary, bat mitzvah, or baby shower? Or are you an aspiring wedding planner seeking more information on the industry?

Whatever your reasons are, you’ve chosen the right place. So grab your favorite cup of tea, healthy (or unhealthy) snack, and get ready to dive into Now and Forever Love-serving wherever love is.

Now and Forever Love (N&FL) is a wedding and event planning company based in Southern California. With a plethora of event planners in the greater Los Angeles area, it can be difficult to differentiate companies from one another. So what makes N&FL special? We say that what sets us apart from the rest is our approach and style.

Here at N&FL, our core values boil down to: passion, personalization, approachability, and love. And at the core of it all, we’re real.

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This is the main driving force that keeps the company together. Each team member brings her own fire into the business. Whether it’s becoming a business owner one day, simply making the client smile, or feeling the satisfaction of executing an event, the team’s passions join together to form a tight-knit and collective unit.

What does this mean for our clients? The promise that we will pour everything in our hearts to make their vision come to life.

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Our goal is to give each client our undivided attention and tailor each experience to their needs. We understand that while the sky’s the limit, some people face budgetary or cultural limitations, just to name a few. No event is tackled exactly the same as another, but one thing does remain constant-

-our loyalty to execute our client’s’ dreams the way they want it .

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Owner and founder, Helen, has an incredibly bubbly personality and looks for that in her team members. We want our clients to feel like they’re an extension of our family. After all, we are a bunch of excited and spunky event planners who have to get to know them to understand what they’re specifically looking for.

And last but certainly not least…

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What would our business be without love? Seeking and feeling love is at the center of our human desire to connect with one another. N&FL offers our clients the opportunity to fully enjoy these moments, stress-free.

We hope that this gave you a little insight into what we value here at N&FL. Better yet, we hope this has inspired you to celebrate life’s biggest milestones and every moment in between. And with the help of all of us here at N&FL, you know we can make it happen.

Thank you for spending your time with us today. Tune in every Monday for all things weddings and events. At the first Friday of each month, we will also be sharing “N&FL’s Pro Tip of the Month.” Be a part of it all and subscribe to the blog below to receive the latest notifications. To stay connected, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Serving wherever love is,

The Now and Forever Love Team

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