Throwback Thursday: A Reflection on N&FL

Welcome back to Now and Forever Love! As we continue to celebrate the one-year anniversary of N&FL‘s official launch, we wanted to sit down with Founder and Owner, Helen, and pick her brain on how her business has grown, what she has learned, and what she hopes for the future.

Ready? Let’s go!

What are your initial thoughts when looking back at the past year since your first wedding with Jose and Lindsay? 
I think, wow, they trusted me with the biggest day of their lives? If they have faith in me to plan their wedding, then I should believe in myself and do a damn good job.

What was the most challenging part/some details about planning (how long did they give you to plan, number of vendors, etc.)? 

Nothing specific was most challenging. Everything in general was just a new experience so that was challenging. I reached out to my mentors for help and advice. I constantly looked at other wedding timelines to see how much each event took. Lindsay and I met quiet a few times, mostly to just chat about life, but the meetings helped. I really like in person meetings, it’s more intimate and we get to know one another better. Communication is the definitely the key and I try to keep that with all my brides and grooms.

What was the most surprising thing you learned from your first wedding? 

TRAFFIC! The couple’s ceremony was in Newport Beach and they stayed behind to take more pictures. I most definitely did not account for the traffic from Newport Beach to Pasadena.

Did you have a lot of help/support (if so, what kind/to what extent)? 

Lindsay worked for a wedding planning company so she used her knowledge. I mainly studied the timeline of weddings I assisted in. Once you look at enough timelines, you start to see somewhat of a general skeleton you can use as a guideline.

How did you meet Lindsay, and what was your first impression of her? 

I met Lindsay at a bridal saloon in Hollywood. I was saving her name on my phone and I spelled “Lindsay” correctly and she appreciated that so much that we’re still friends to this day!! She was so sweet and supportive, so thankful for her and her cute family!

How has your relationship with Jose and Lindsay formed/changed/maintained, and why do you think it has for so many years? 

I’d like to think that even if they weren’t in the industry, we would keep in touch here and there. We walk this journey of small business owners together (they’re wedding photographers, too!), we give each other advices, suggests new ideas, and help one another out! 

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If you could give 2013 Helen some advice, what would you tell her? 

Always smile and keep calm. Even though it’s a wedding and everyone is supposed to be happy and joyful, there will be hard and frustration times, actually quiet often. Be the bigger person and remind the couple, their parents, wedding party, and even vendors that it’s a celebration. Let’s figure out a solution and don’t fret. The most important thing is that in the world of more than 7 billion people in this planet, two people have met, fell in love, and decided to throw a huge party. What more can you ask for?

Dream destination wedding location? 

Ooh, this is hard. I would have to say somewhere in the UK with a castle-like, royal, classy and elegant feel. I was a history major with an emphasis in European studies, more specifically, the UK, so my inner nerd pulls me to the royal wedding feel. I stayed up all night to watch the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s, wedding! 

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