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In addition to our wedding planning services, another passion of N&FL is to inspire our brides (and grooms) to be. Whether it’s tips and tricks or fun topics like today’s, we’re so thankful you’re here with us to be inspired! We are continually surprised to learn that more than a couple wedding traditions we all know and love are derived from old, supernatural beliefs. If you’re interested in more wedding traditions, click here.

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THE VEIL: The veil is a beautiful, soft, and romantic accessory that is a must for some brides. The lifting of the veil at the ceremony is probably one of the most memorable and recognizable parts of a wedding! Just imagine when the groom (or bride) lifts the veil to uncover the beautiful bride underneath. Just amazing! Did you know it was said that the veil protected the bride from evil spirits as she walked down the aisle?

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BRIDAL BOUQUET: One of the most notable aspects of a wedding is the bride’s bouquet. Other than accessorizing the bride and perhaps hiding a couple tissues for a few (or many) shed tears, the bridal bouquet wasn’t always made with flowers. Instead, people used to make arrangements with herbs and spices to ward off the evil spirits.

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THE CREW: Having your best friends in your wedding party is one of the most fun and exciting aspects about having a wedding. Did you know that the origin of bridesmaids and their matching dresses was actually to deter the evil spirits? Originally, bridesmaids wore similar dresses to the bride to confuse the supernatural and protect the bride should any danger come toward her. Quite a job compared to current bridesmaid duties if you ask us!

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THE BEST MAN: The best man’s duties were once quite different than today’s responsibility of keeping the rings safe until the “I Do’s”. It was said that the best man’s job was to ensure that the bride did not run away before the ceremony. He was even expected to kidnap her should the circumstance call for it.

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