7 Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

Welcome back to Now and Forever Love! Since we’ve been on a sort of “gifting stroke” here on the blog, we thought we’d hit you with another list of our favorite gift ideas. This week, we’re focusing on gifts to give to your special someone on the most important day of your lives.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Handwritten Letter

The most simple and cost-effective token of love is a handwritten letter. Even though it seems like it might not matter with all the preparations of the day, it’s a sentimental and sweet way to let each other know one last time how much you love each other. Since the photographers need preparation or getting-ready shots anyway, use this as a way to garner some natural and heartfelt photos.

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Memory Box

This second idea is a great way to look down memory lane before starting the next new chapter of your lives. Create a memory box in a shadow frame, and pin various cards, ticket stubs, and pictures for your loved one.

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Whether its to calm one’s nerves or an excuse to start drinking, a flask is a fun way to get the party started! Make it extra special by getting it monogrammed with your spouse’s (new) initials and your wedding date.

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Engraved Mirror

Mirrors are a wonderful way to gift your bride and let her know she is loved while she’s getting ready for the big day. Engrave a special message on the inside so she can get excited to meet you down the aisle after getting ready.

For the Grooms in the house, we have a couple ideas for you as well!

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It’s pretty simple, but gets straight to the point if your Groom appreciates a great bottle of liquor!

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This is a great group activity for the groomsmen if they enjoy a nice cigar while getting ready for the ceremony.

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While a more pricey option, this is an extra special way to make sure your man makes it at the alter on time-a beautiful watch! You can have the back engraved with your wedding date as a reminder of the most happy time in your lives.

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