Asking for Money as Wedding Gifts

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We like to think of every little detail that comes with the wedding planning process and give you the tips we’ve learned throughout the years. As the years roll on by, we’ve been noticing that more and more people are gravitating towards money as wedding gifts as opposed to bringing household items.

Ever thought about the polite way to ask your guests for money as gifts? You’re in luck today, because we’ve got our favorite tips on how to ask your guests!

Ready? Let’s go!

Word of Mouth

Perhaps the most delicate way is to have your close family and bridal party spread the word. While the following tips help remind your guests as the wedding gets closer, sometimes all it takes is a close friend of yours to tell your other guests and they’ll get the hint.

Let them know ASAP

Insert a card with your invitations that lets your guests know of your preference. You can make it creative and tie it in with your theme (if applicable) in a short rhyme.

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Digital Cash Registry

The Newlywed Fund is an online registry where guests can gift cash electronically. It’s the new and modern way of sending cash that eliminates the need for extra card boxes or other physical materials.

Wedding Blog or Website

Many couples are making websites for their guests to reference information, such as reminding them to bring cash as gifts! A wedding website is also great because the “sneak peaks” get your guests excited for your wedding in general.

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