First Anniversary Ideas

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Here at Now and Forever Love, we want to reach everyone in all stages of their love journey. This week’s post will give you some ideas that you can start pre-wedding to make your first anniversary that much more special.

Intrigued? We know you are. Let’s go!

Wedding Cake Top

One of the oldest wedding traditions is for couples to save the top tier of the wedding cake. During the reception, make sure to cut the bottom tier so the top tier can be kept in tact. Simply ask your planner or caterer to pack the top tier for you once the cake cutting part of the reception is over. If your cake only has one level, don’t worry! Just have your caterer cut off a neat section for you that you can save. Once your cake is ready to go, pop it in the freezer and it should be ready to enjoy at your anniversary!

Wine & Engraved Glasses

If you’re a wine lover like a lot of us here at N&FL, you’ll want a great bottle of wine at your reception. Have your planner tuck away one bottle for you and your loved one. At your one year anniversary, bring that bottle out and enjoy it in beautifully engraved glasses. The glasses can be engraved with your names and wedding date so you can reminisce your most special day!

Guests’ Love Notes

The guests at your wedding will be some of the most important people in you and your spouse’s lives, many of which will have encouraging words of wisdom! A simple but impactful way to capture those are to have some pens, pretty paper, and a box at the welcome table so all of your guests can leave you with a brief message. The messages can be advice, date ideas, or whatever you want them to leave you with. You’re sure to feel the love surrounding your beautiful union when you read all your notes one year later!