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One of the most stressful parts about wedding planning would have to be creating the guest list. Whether you’re having a more intimate gathering or a large party, it’s a smart idea either way to come up with a “B” list. The “B” list is  a great way to include more of the people who you love, and we’ve got some tips to help you navigate the “B” list without any mishaps.

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DON’T TELL ANYONE: In order to keep things more consistent and to avoid any hard feelings, don’t tell anyone who you’re inviting. You don’t want people within the same group sharing who is and isn’t invited, so keep things hush hush across the board.

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START EARLY: Most couples send their invitations 4-6 weeks out from the wedding date. We recommend sending invitations to your “A” List (immediate family and close friends) 8-10 weeks out so that you have enough time to get their responses. As you hear back any “no’s” from your “A” List, send out invitations to the top of your “B” List.

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NO RSVP CARD: You don’t want guests to necessarily know for certain that they are part of the “B” List, so don’t include an RSVP card. Try using an electronic means of RSVP-ing so that it’s consistent with all your guests and to avoid anyone feeling left out.

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STAY STRICT, BUT TRUE TO YOU: We know it can be difficult to stay within that maximum capacity number, and at the end of the day you might want as many people as possible to come. However, the reality is that venues can’t host an unlimited amount of guests, and for most people, neither can your wallet. Stay strict with that final guest count with yourself, fiancé, and/or parents, but stay true to the people who you really want at your special day.

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