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Your wedding has many moving parts to it that need time and attention, two things that you might not have much of. This is where help from your family members comes in! But sometimes, there can be some family members who’s help only results in additional stress. How do we deal with them?

Here’s our top ways to deal with the extra help at your wedding.

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BE FIRM: It’s completely understandable to want to please your loved ones.  After all, the wedding is about more than just the couple; it’s also about two families joining together. But if you start being passive now, you might end up with little control by the time your wedding rolls around. Standing your ground from the beginning sets the parameters early and lets your family members know what your expectations are.

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PLAN AHEAD: If you make most of the bigger decisions now, your family members won’t have the time or option to meddle. So if you know there are certain aspects of your wedding that are very important to you, like the band or the food, make sure to lock down those details early.

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DELEGATE SPECIFIC TASKS: It’s no denying that family members can play a role in alleviating stress off of you as well. The secret is making sure that they know exactly what they are doing and are clearly told what the task and expectation is. Delegating can be difficult, but trust us when we say that giving your family members clear instructions can make your life easier in the end.

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LET THE COORDINATORS KNOW: Your coordination team is there to make your life easier. They are your teammate, supporter, and shoulder to lean on for everything involving the wedding. Don’t be afraid to bring these issues up with your wedding planner. They have so much experience dealing with different brides and their family members, so they can help shed some light on tough or sensitive situations dealing with family.

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KEEP THEIR INTENTIONS IN MIND: Remember that at the end of the day, it’s all coming from a place of love! Try to keep an open and understanding mind when it comes to dealing with family meddlers’ help. Your wedding is obviously a joyous day for you, so of course your family members will be excited too. Stay positive, gracious, and grateful for all the amazing people in your life!

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