Picking Your Wedding Theme

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You’ve been Pinteresting for months, texting your girlfriends in the group chat, and gathering all the inspiration you can for your ultimate wedding day. Now with all of these ideas, how do you narrow it down to what truly reflects you and your fiancé as a couple?

If you’re in this dilemma, then we’ve got just the post for you. We’re going to go over our top ways to pick your wedding theme.

Ready? Let’s go!


Timing is everything when planning a wedding. The more time you have, the more thoughtful decisions you can make. You also have more time to find the best deals so you don’t break the bank trying to make your dream theme come true. Nowadays, almost any theme is possible with ordering online. However, it gets more expensive the closer you get to your wedding date, so it might be helpful to have lots of time if you’re trying to execute a specific theme.

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The season you’re getting married in can play a huge role in the theme. Did you want a summery wedding, but for some reason are only available in the fall to get married? It might be in your best interest to change themes or try to figure out a way to get married in the appropriate season.

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If you’re set on a certain location, that plays a large part in the theme of your wedding. If you picked a rustic venue, it’s going to look more seamless if the rest of the wedding theme is somewhat rustic as well. You can technically do whatever you want, but if you’re trying to execute a certain theme, you want everything to be cohesive. Otherwise, the wedding might not come together like you imagined it in your head. (Click here to check out this gorgeous wedding pictured below!)

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WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR FIANCÉ? Sit down with your partner and write down a list of interests you both have. You don’t have to share each interest to incorporate it into your wedding, but if there is a common denominator that you feel represents you as a couple (aka it makes sense for you two), use that as your theme.

For example, did your first dates consist of concerts and music festivals? Consider making a live band the focal point and work around a music theme. Do you both love exploring the coolest new restaurants in town? Make your wedding a “foodie” themed wedding with possibly some taco bars, late night snacks, an In n’ Out food truck…the possibilities are endless!

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