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Thankfully, we made it through our crazy weekend which was packed with back-to-back weddings, so we posted a little late this week. But worry not, loves! The N&FL Pro-Tip of the Month is…

Reception game ideas! Continue reading for our top five wedding reception games!


Wedding Shoe Game

Objective: The Bride & Groom take off both shoes, keeping one and giving the other to their (new!) spouse. MC reads a “Most likely to…” statement and Bride & Groom picks up the shoe of the person who matches the statement.


Married the Longest?

Objective: MC gets the crowd to join the dance floor with their significant other. MC asks who has been married within 1 day to get them out (meaning to get the Bride & Groom out first). More couples get out if they’ve been married within 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and then in 10 year increments until the couple who has been married the longest is identified.

*Prizes are fun for this game!


Centerpiece Game

Objective: One chair on each table has a “You win!” card (can be customized for your wedding) underneath it. Have the crowd stand behind their chairs and play musical circles for one round. Whoever lands on the special chair gets to take the centerpiece home.


Fill-in-the-Blank Story Cards

Objective: Print cards with love story on it, leaving some words out (put a blank line in its place). Guests will fill it out and try to guess the story or make up their own. MC can ask some guests to read their versions of the story.

*Prizes are fun for this game!


Cake in the Face

Objective: Set two tip jars (one labeled “Bride” and the other labeled “Groom”) on cake table with a sign that reads, “Cake in the face? Place your bets.” You get the rest.


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