Top Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

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With social media making it more accessible than ever to get inspired, there are limitless ways to make your wedding as creative and aesthetically beautiful as it can be. But with all the votives, candles, signs, and other props that make a wedding fun and engaging, what are you supposed to do with it all after the big day is done?

Repurposing items you already purchased can help you not only get more bang for your buck, but they can also be creative reminders of your special day. If this sounds like your kind of squeeze, then you’re in luck! We’re going to go over our top ways to recycle wedding items.

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INVITATION: This is the simplest one: frame it! You can put in on your bedside table, or on the mantle in your living room. It’ll be a great reminder of the important details of your wedding: your names, the venue and date.

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VOTIVES: Another simple repurpose is to use the extra candles and votives (what the candles go into) for your own home decor! If you already spent the money on them, might as well use them throughout your home. You can use them for holiday parties and family get togethers to make any home super romantic and elegant.

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DRESS: You don’t have to tuck your gorgeous wedding dress away in the back corner of your closet any longer! The dress can be reused in so many different ways, but one of our favorites is to take a piece of the lace or dress and make it into other clothing like a scarf! It’s a beautiful and simple way to remember the dress you wore on the happiest day of your life.

You can also get it made into a two-piece set or a more casual evening style dress for a 5 or 10 year anniversary, possibly vow renewal! You can also of course gift your dress to a sister, future daughter, or niece/friend to wear on their special day if the dress holds a lot of significance.

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FLOWERS: If you’re not having your guests take home all the flowers, take some (and your bridal bouquet!) home for yourself and save them in a shadow box! It’s an elegant way to display your beautiful wedding day flowers, and you get to remember them forever.

We’ve even seen them in holiday ornaments and they look absolutely stunning! You can make them right after your wedding or save the petals for a sweet holiday activity once the season rolls around.

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RUNNERS: Many brides are surprised by the amount of linen that can be left over after a wedding. Get the runners monogrammed with your initials for a personal touch. You can also have them made into napkins, pillows, or you can also frame the monogrammed version just like the invitations.



WELCOME SIGN & GUEST BOOK: This is a great keepsake that you don’t want to lose! You can place these items in your living room, or our favorite: on a dresser right by the front door (where people usually put their keys and family photos). This is a straightforward way to welcome guests into your home while also paying homage to your happy day.

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