Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved Ones

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Life’s greatest moments are meant to be celebrated with the ones we love the most. While nothing can compare to having a close family member being physically with you, remembering the deceased relatives or friends on your wedding day can allow you to enjoy their presence in spirit.

If this is your situation, then we’ve got our top picks on how to honor your lost loved ones just for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

THE BOUQUET: A common thing we are seeing with brides is adding charms to the bridal bouquet. They can be attached to the lace on the base or on another cloth material. You can also tie them with ribbon as pictured below. It’s a way for the bride to walk down the aisle and have her family members with her each step of the way.

The Brauns

BRIDESMAIDS: If the father of the bride is deceased and the family still has ties left over, we have seen weddings where they wrap the bridesmaids bouquets with the ties. It’s a whimsical and unique way to pay homage to the bride or groom’s loved one.

Zofia Photo

FAMILY PHOTO TABLE: This is a great way to show the family history in addition to honoring deceased family members. Other members of the family can get involved by contributing old wedding photos and photos of deceased loved ones.

Kim Fox Photography

SHARE A FAMILY RECIPE: This is a creative and touching way to honor a loved one. If they were a great baker, integrate their recipe as the party favor! Give out pralines such as the ones pictured below, chocolate chip cookies, jam…the list is endless. The guests will leave with a fun and meaningful party gift that they will enjoy and one that means a lot to the family, too.

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