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We missed you! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to give us some love. Today’s blog post is an exciting one because the Now & Forever Love Team is slightly (maybe not so slightly) obsessed with this topic, and has been for years.

Today’s topic covers: YOUTUBE BRIDAL MAKEUP TUTORIALS! (Can you tell we’re pumped?!)

Makeup Gurus: Tati, Jaclyn Hill, Sazan Hendrix and Patrick Star. These names are some of the biggest in the digital world, sharing their tremendous talent while building an online empire for themselves and their loyal subscribers.

We wanted to tie the Youtube phenomenon to what we love the most…weddings! We thought there could be no better way to merge our two loves together than to highlight the best wedding makeup tutorials you can follow for your special day, or to guide you if you’re a budding makeup artist.

Ready? Let’s go!


Tati’s bridal makeup was created by James Charles, another Youtube makeup guru. His fame shot exponentially when he became the first male brand ambassador for the cosmetic giant, Covergirl. If you’re looking for a look that is “heat, dance, sweat, just the full day approved” for an “80-degree” wedding, this look is perfect for you.

Overview: Full coverage, “natural” color story, nudes

Click here for Tati’s makeup look!

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of our personal favorites because of her beautiful personality! Her warmth and humor shines through the screen, making you feel like you’re getting ready in the morning with your best friend. Jaclyn’s look combines the best of what all her brides have asked for, compiled into one fun and informative video for you all.

Overview: Natural smokey eye, timeless makeup, “glowing from within”

Click here for Jaclyn’s makeup look!

Sazan Hendrix

Saz is one of the most genuine and spunky (not to mention gorgeous) Youtuber’s there are around! While she’s mainly a fashion blogger, she ventures out into makeup looks from time to time. To recreate her wedding day makeup, she brought in her friend and makeup artist, Lyndsay Zavitz. Since Saz is of Kurdish decent, her look complements those with more olive-based skin tones.

Overview: Bold brows, olive skin tone, brown smokey eye, sparkle

Click here for Saz’s makeup look!

Patrick Starrr

For any of our glam Groom’s out there, we know you want to look snatched too! Patrick Star is one of the leading “boys in makeup”, alongside fellow Youtuber’s Manny MUA, Jeffrey Star, and previously mentioned James Charles. Patrick’s bubbly and energetic personality is so entertaining to watch, and the beautiful bridal makeup is something out of a dream.

Overview: Soft, peachy, good for problematic skin

Click here for Patrick’s makeup look!

And that’s a wrap for today, loves. We’re all about sharing inspiration here at N&FL, so take what you love about each look and run wild with it! As always, subscribe to the blog to receive up-to-date notifications on all our posts. To stay connected, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Until next time, blend, blend, blend away!

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