Writing Your Own Vows

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There’s nothing that can replace the words that spill from your heart on the day that celebrates your immense love. While it requires a tad more effort, writing your own vows is a beautiful way to express exactly how significant your fiance is to you.

Whether you’ve already decided that you will be writing your own (woot woot!) or still on the fence, having a guideline would probably help you out, wouldn’t it? That’s why the N&FL Team has come together to bring you our beginner’s guide to writing your own vows.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Avoid Telling Every Little Detail

Telling your story from the beginning to the present might seem like an easy way to talk about your love story. However, can become a laundry list of every little milestone that you and your fiance share. It’s fine to mark a couple big moments, but focus more on the love and commitment that you will be making to each other moving forward.

Have Your Own Style

It’s OK if you want to go the more “touchy-feely” route and your fiance wants to go the funny route. You’re two separate people coming together in marriage, so it’s only fair that your true personalities shine through your vows. Be as authentic as you can be, because it’s your voice and thoughts that your fiance wants to hear.


Keep your vows at 2-4 minutes. You’re going to speak faster, might be nervous, and might even need to read off a note card (or iPad nowadays). Don’t worry about making your vows long in order for it to seem eloquent and well-written. Say what you need to say in a meaningful but concise way, and you’ll be set.

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Part 1: Your Fiance

Tell your fiance the reasons why you fell in love with him/her, what traits stood out to you, or which moments truly showed their character. Talk about your favorite things about this person, why he/she is “The One”, and why you want to marry him/her.

Part 2: Your Union

Next, move on to what you hope for in your marriage together. Say what you’re looking forward to, what moments you’re excited for, and how this person will be a great fit as your partner for life.

Part 3: Your Vows

This step is when you talk about yourself, and what promises you want to make to your fiance. You can bring up small, funnier promises, and move on to more serious and touching ones.

Part 4: Closing

You’ve made it to the finish line! Conclude with a statement or two that wraps up your beautiful vows. You don’t always have to make it super emotional! That will happen naturally. Just be yourself and express your love to your love!

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