5 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Shower

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Happy Monday, loves! Here at Now and Forever Lovewe love to help our couples at any stage of their love journey. Whether you or your bridesmaids are planning it, today’s blog post will be a fun one: our favorite tips to plan the perfect bridal shower!

Ready? Let’s go!


See if your wedding venue has any special suites or reserved garden areas to host your bridal shower. Many hotels have special accommodations for brides if you just ask, especially if you already booked the main event at the space.

Color Scheme

Use the same colors from your wedding in your bridal shower. It’s a great way to keep the themes consistent, and to save some money by repurposing decorations. Get colored balloons, fresh flowers, and a colorful table runner to give much needed accents to the overall space.


Keep it light, dainty, and easy. Finger sandwiches, assorted hot teas, smoked salmon canapes, and other bite-size goodies will be a breeze to have while you’re all playing fun games.


Speaking of games, have some fun activities prepared beforehand so you can keep the event flowing and engaging. Listed below are some of our favorite ideas:

-Trivia Game: Have pre-printed cards with trivia questions about the star of the day: the Bride.

-Purse Party: Have a list of items a common woman would carry in her purse. The person that has the most items in her purse from the list wins.

-Lingerie: Have each guest bring a pair of panties or lingerie for the Bride to pack for her honeymoon. The Bride will then guess which pair the guest brought.

Party Favors

Last but not least, the party favors are something you can get creative with! Place some candy, nail polishes, nail filers, and a thank you note inside a mason jar, accented with colors from the color scheme. It’s the final touch but leaves the most lasting impression!

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