5 Ways to De-Stress While Wedding Planning

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Hey there, love. Stressed out from all this wedding planning? We understand that wedding planning can stack up and at times, feel more like a nightmare than anything. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed…that’s why you have us!

Today on the blog, we’ve got some of our favorite tips we give our Brides when they need some TLC.

Ready? Let’s go!


Get your girlfriends together and hit the town! Spend a few hours at your favorite wine bar and rewind with your friends. Sometimes, all we need is a little girl time to recharge us and get the stress out!

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Spa Day

Whether it’s an at-home treatment, face mask, or luxury facial, treating yourself to a little extra self-care never hurt. The point is to completely get immersed in the experience so you can feel relaxed before planning again!

Work Out

Block out 15-20 minutes for a quick run around the neighborhood, or Youtube a 15-minute zumba dance class to get your heart pumping. The endorphines released will calm your nerves and make you feel brand new!

Date Night

Don’t forget the reason you’re getting married in the first place is because you found the love of your life! Spend a night with them at home with a cozy dinner, or take a spontaneous trip to a late-night movie. Spending quality time together will reignite the passion and that excitement will carry through to your energy needed for planning!

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We forget that the simplest remedies are the best! Take a quick half-hour nap for a recharge your inner battery. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you!

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