Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Dresses

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So you just got engaged-congratulations! Or maybe you’re just doing a little pre-planning. Either way, it never hurts to do your research especially when it comes to the biggest day of your life.

It’s hard to argue that the most important part of the wedding (besides the couple) is THE dress! It should embody the bride(s) to feel their most beautiful while making an impression to last a lifetime.

Here at N&FL, we are firm believers that anyone can rock anything with the right amount of confidence. However, you’ll be happy to learn how finding fashion that suits your body type is more about accentuating your favorite parts and not so much about minimizing your “faults”. Changing the perspective makes the process so much more enjoyable and fun!

With that, if you’re a newbie to the wedding dress scene, we’ve got you covered.

Ready? Let’s go!

Inverted Triangle

Women with this body type have slim legs, a perfect excuse to wear a modern dress with a large cut-out! It’s chic, sophisticated, and fierce.

Wedding Elation


This body type has beautiful features that are accentuated by a slim frame. Try dresses that show off more delicate parts of the body, such as the decolletage.

LA Beautes


Your well-defined waist and legs are the perfect parts to accentuate with this body type. Go for a tighter waist line and plunging neck or back.



The definition in the waist is the key point in this body type. Your best bet is a dress that is figure-hugging to show off that figure.

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