Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Wedding

Welcome back to Now and Forever Love! Today’s weekly inspo is going to help you Brides, Grooms, and wedding planners alike if you’re starting to plan a wedding. We’ve learned quite a bit from the business, so we’d love to share with you our top mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding.

Ready? Let’s go!

Not starting with the guest list.

One way to think about how to tackle wedding planning is through your numbers, specifically your guest count. Your guest count is the first step in figuring out how many people you’re accounting for. This affects everything, from the venue, where in a venue you can place your ceremony and reception, how much food, what kind of food, linen count, chair count…we could go on and on. Starting at this step first will open up the doors to booking the other aspects of your wedding.

Not requesting an RSVP.

This goes along with our first mistake to avoid. Knowing how many people you want and can have is great, but it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t request an RSVP, how are you going to know who’s actually coming? You might be expecting 180 guests, but it turns out that since you want a Friday wedding, only 120 guests can make it. Avoid this mistake or risk spending a ton of money on extra chairs, linen…the whole list.

Having an unrealistic wedding dress budget.

Most brides don’t consider the fees after the initial dress fee. There are many other factors to consider, such as: taxes, shipping fees, hemming fees, and alteration fees. You also should consider the cost of the accessories: shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, veil, garter, additional undergarments, even a second dress for the reception. While sticking to your budget should be a goal, allow yourself the flexibility to increase that number.

Sending the invitations too early/late.

Once you’ve done all this planning, you have to let your guests know in a timely manner or else what’s the point? Send them out too soon and people won’t remember to RSVP, or will completely forget about your wedding in general (as sad as that sounds, people do get busy and might forget). Send them out too late and that obviously risks your guests’ availability. The general rule is to send out invitations 3 months out. Save the Date’s can be sent out 6 months out.

Not hiring a videographer.

Nowadays, it’s not just enough to hire a photography team. Videography is the new must-have if you want to cherish your wedding day forever. Videography offers the emotion that is a level-up from your traditional wedding photo album. You can feel the love when the vows are read, see the tears falling during heartwarming speeches, and hear the laughter while dancing all night with a drink in hand. It will allow you to not only remember the most important day of your life, but it lets you experience it all over again as well. Edited with drone shots of the landscape, beautiful music, and the most special clips, your wedding video will be one of your most cherished keepsakes.

Not anticipating guest needs.

A wedding is essentially an intricately planned, momentous party that you will/have spent months, if not years planning. Although there are bound to be some hiccups along the way, it’s better to assert preemptive measures before, rather than during, your wedding day. Think about who you are inviting and if they require special accommodations. Does your venue need to be wheelchair accessible? Do infants or small toddlers need high chairs? Do you have guests who are vegans, vegetarians, have gluten allergies or are lactose intolerant? Consider all these factors now so that you won’t be scrambling on the day of.

Doing it all by yourself.

Whether you’re the Bride or Groom, get your partner involved! Create a joint wedding email (i.e. rachelandrosswedding@gmail.com) so all your vendors answer to one place, where both of you have access to it. This keeps your partner involved, meaning that the more he/she knows, the more he/she can help you. Another great way to avoid this mistake is by of course, hiring an exceptional coordination team to make sure you have all the support you need. (We recommend you click here.)

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