Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Is your wedding coming up and you want to be as prepared as possible? Or are you a wedding planner that wants to know what emergency kit items you actually need? That’s why our November Pro-Tip is: the N&FL wedding day emergency kit essentials. These are actual items that our Brides ask for regularly on the day of, so we’re confident this will convince you to add these items to your kit.

Ready? Let’s go!

Bobby Pins

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This is first on our list because it is the item our Brides ask for all the time. Whether it’s too windy and her bangs are getting in her face, she doesn’t like her hairstyle, or one of the bridesmaids has a wardrobe malfunction, a bobby pin can be the quick remedy you need.

Double Sided Tape

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To go along with our first item, double sided tape has saved the day on so many occasions. It can also act as fashion tape to help dresses, shirts, and other articles of clothing fit better for pictures; you can use it to keep decorations in their place; the possibilities are endless.

Band Aids

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Since the Bride, bridesmaids, and mother(s) of the happy couple will most likely be wearing heels, having bandaids helps them get through the day so much better. Advise them to wear them to avoid having sore feet the next morning.


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This might sound odd but it has to do with something super important for the Bride and Groom: hydrating. We always tell our couples to keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day to prevent heat stroke, dehydration, and exhaustion. Many Brides won’t want to ruin their makeup, so having straws on hand will encourage them to stay hydrated.


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Sometimes, an unexpected purchase on behalf of wedding details must be made, and last minute reimbursements happen all the time. Having envelopes on hand keeps things organized and concealed, which is super important if you’re handling payments between multiple vendors.

Breath Mints

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Fresh breath is a must, especially if you’re the star of the show (aka the Bride and Groom) and will be greeting guests all night.

Blotting Papers

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Along with other makeup needed for touch ups, blotting paper is great for outdoor weddings to keep your makeup looking pristine all day.


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This of course, is for all the emotions that are a part of the Big Day. Tuck some tissues under the head of the bridal bouquet, and you’ll have it ready for any tear jerking moment.

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