Questions to Ask…The Hairstylist

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Every week, we curate some informational content for you whether you’re a soon-to-be-bride (Congratulations!), a wedding professional, or someone who is just passionate about weddings. We’re continuing our “Questions to Ask” series with something super important to a lot of our brides: the hair. (Click here to check out “Questions to Ask…the Florist” and click here to check out “Questions to Ask…Us”.)

Finding the right hairstylist can be a task in itself, so we’ve compiled our recommended list of questions you should be asking prospective hairstylists. If you’re interested in what we’ve got, then we hope you stick around 😉

Ready? Let’s go!

Do you have a portfolio?

Instagram has enabled many artists to showcase their work to the general public, and it’s how a lot of brides are finding their wedding vendors. It’s still a smart move to ask them to see a portfolio so you can properly gage their abilities, style, and what type of client they are working with.

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Can I schedule a trial?

Trials are a great way to get to know the hairstylist and “practice” what your wedding day hairstyle will be. The trial is the time where you’ll adjust things if you want them changed, and you can discuss other options such as extensions or other accessories for the actual day.

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Will the stylist doing my trial be the same stylist as the one on my wedding day?

This is super important if you’re looking at a team of people. Freelancers will obviously be by themselves, and maybe they’ll bring an assistant. There are well-established hairstyling companies who send teams out on a single wedding, and they might have a lead stylist. If you’re particular about the person doing your hair on the wedding day, make sure to clarify who will be doing your hair.


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Do you offer hair styling for bridal party and any additional family members/friends?

This question will mostly likely be answered “yes”, but it’s included in this list because usually the bridemaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom (sometimes even sisters and close cousins) need to get their hair done, too. Not all brides pay for everyone to get their hair done, but you can still hire the same stylist and have everyone pay on their own if you’re tight on budget.

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Will you be available after the ceremony to help with hair, veil, and/or touchups?

Some artists might stay if your ceremony is only 15-20 minutes long (most civil ceremonies are) for a quick touch up before your reception starts. Some might charge a tad extra (most likely by the hour) if you want them to stay longer, but it never hurts to ask!

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What is your fee and payment policy?

This is also a good time to ask about any required deposits, due dates for the remainder of the payment and/or any cancellation policies. Since the meeting is pretty much wrapped up, it’s the right time to talk money at the end.

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