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Welcome back to Now and Forever Love. As promised, the first Friday of each month will be our time to share the lessons and tips we’ve picked up over the years. To kick off the series, let’s give you a little insight on: questions you should ask your event planner.

It can be quite intimidating to consider asking someone to help you on your special day. Whether the occasion is a wedding, birthday, company dinner, or anything in between, we understand that you want your event to go off without a hitch. Moreover, you need to make sure that you and your event planner are the perfect match so that they can execute your vision.

Here’s a list of the top 5 questions we wish more clients would ask us:

Will you be attending the event?

As Now and Forever Love continues to expand, assistants may be asked to lead your event on the day-of. It’s completely welcomed to vocalize your preferences from the very beginning so that you are the most comfortable to enjoy your event. We will do everything we can to make sure you feel supported and stress-free at your event.

What can we take back with us after the event is over?

Part of the full planning package is design input, which includes some of Now and Forever Love‘s inventory. This can range from cake stands, picture frames, cake cutting sets, etc. While these items are not available to take away, our partnership with Minchee LA can offer you the tangible keepsake that you’re looking for. The most popular items include signs, cake toppers, and invitations. Some florists will let you and your guests keep the vases that come with the actual centerpieces. Saving the top tier of the wedding cake is also a traditional way to celebrate a couple’s 1 year wedding anniversary. (Simply freeze the top tier of the cake, let it thaw on the 1 year anniversary date, and enjoy.)

What are additional services that can be utilized from the vendors I’ve already hired?

Whether you’re just thinking about your event or nearly finished planning it, vendor coordination can feel like a juggling act. An easy way to maximize your resources with fewer vendors is to look into which services can be provided by the vendors you already have. For example, do you need a projector and screen for a slideshow presentation? Many DJ’s and MC’s come with both if you ask them. In addition, they might even come with lighting fixtures such as up-lights to make your event more colorful. Sometimes, florists can complete stationary for your invitations. Photographers can also have a team of videographers to capture your event on the next level. They might even have photo-booth services available. The catering company can provide not just the food, but cake and bar as well. The makeup artists might also be able to do hair styling. These are just the main examples, but the possibilities are endless. You just have to ask!

Can I recycle any items to reduce waste?

Yes, yes, yes! The Now and Forever Love Team is working on ways to make our company more
“green.” Some suggestions we’ve made to our clients are to donate floral arrangements to a local hospital or elderly-care home. The flowers can last until the next day, and what better way to reduce waste then to be the reason someone’s day is a little brighter? The leftover food can also be packed up if you let the caterer know to bring carry-out containers. Make sure you (or your planner) do your research beforehand if you want to donate it. Some shelters have legal restrictions based on health codes. In any case, don’t let it go to waste and pack it up for your friends and family.

What is your area of expertise?

While many event planners offer a range of services, it might be helpful to ask what their specialty is. This can help you determine if your specific needs can be met by this planner. If the needs don’t match up to the service, then perhaps another route is more beneficial for you.

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