Small Touches to Increase Guest Comfort

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We all know that as much as the bride and groom’s happiness, is the guests’ experience that is a huge priority. The grand party is, after all, also for your closest family and friends to enjoy. Some of them might have travelled many miles and taken time off work to attend your festivities, so you want to make sure you take care of them!

If you’re in need of some tips, we’ve got you covered today! We’re sharing our top tips to increase guest comfort.

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HOT: If you’re hosting an outdoor spring or summer wedding, purchase hand-held fans, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or bug spray (depending on the location) at the dollar store and place them in baggies on each one of the chairs for the ceremony. Your guests will thank you for the extra bit of shade, coolness and protection from the elements while sitting outside for your ceremony!

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COLD: If your fall or winter wedding has the possibility of running into some unfavorable weather, consider having hot mulled wine or cider, blankets and/or umbrellas ready for your guests as they enter the reception. (Click here to check out our Los Angeles wedding with mulled wine as a party favor (images below)!)

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KID’S TABLE: If you’re inviting small children to your wedding, a great way to entertain them is to have a designated table with children’s coloring books and activities. Maybe throw on a couple board games and cards too if you’re really worried and they’ll definitely be entertained enough to let the adults have some fun too!

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FOOD: Having a taco truck or ice cream bar will most surely make the little ones happy and preoccupied…even if it’s only until they devour it all! This amenity will also bring out the kid in any adult, ’cause who doesn’t love taco trucks and self-serve ice cream?! (*Click here to check out our post on wedding food trucks!)



FLIP FLOPS: Chances are your guests aren’t going to think ahead about their aching feet, so do it for them! Their feet (along with your’s) are going to hurt after walking around in them all evening. Provide a big basket of cheap flip flops from the dollar store and whip it out when the dance floor opens. Your guests can now dance the night away without the risk of hurting their feet!

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TOILETRIES: If you really want to make a lasting impression as the “hostess with the mostest,” have your wedding planner (*Click here to make an inquiry!) bring out a small box or basket full of deodorant, hair spray, bobby pins, wipes, mouthwash, safety pins, and other amenities towards the halfway point of the reception. Your guests will love you (even more) and will be so appreciative of your planning!

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