Tips to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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Your wedding venue is probably the most important vendor you can focus on because it is where everything is going down! It can change the course of who you can invite, what theme you’re going for, and so on. If you need some help narrowing down your dream venue options, then we’ve got you covered today!

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CREATE AN EXCEL SHEET: Your primary task should be to make an excel sheet with the parameters listed below. This way, it’s easy for you to look through all your choices and “rank” them based on these specific factors. For example, if you want to compare all the prices, then sort the sheet from cheapest to most expensive. If you want to see which venues offer on-site catering and which requires external catering, then you can easily see it by sorting that column. Ultimately, the excel sheet is a great visual aid that can help you make a more informed decision on your venue.

SET YOUR BUDGET: This is probably the first factor couples consider. Setting a budget early will significantly narrow down your choices and eliminate stress from having too many choices. Also remember that many venues offer lower prices based on the day you want to get married. Usually, Thursday’s and Friday’s are cheaper than weekends, so don’t forget to ask!

Photography: Brandon Bibbins Photography

Venue: Millwick (Los Angeles, CA)

REGARD YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Different types of venues can significantly alter the theme and overall aesthetic design of your wedding. There are so many options including: ballroom, barn, beach, garden, modern, industrial, museum, restaurant, vineyard and so on. Each type of venue has a different feel, so make sure it aligns with you and your fiancé’s tastes.

THINK ABOUT THE WEATHER: If you want an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception, remember the season. Is an outdoor component imperative to your ideal wedding dreams? The season when you can get married can play a huge role in which venue you pick.

Photography: Don Lee Studio

Venue: The Fig House (Los Angeles, CA)

KNOW YOUR GUEST COUNT: Some venues have a guest capacity, including the vendors i.e. wedding coordinators, catering team, florists, etc. If you’re planning to have a larger wedding, a lot of venues might not work. (PS-Setting the guest count early (as accurately as possible) is imperative because nearly all of your wedding planning logistics are based on how much of each item (chairs, tables, linen, party favors) you need.)

UNDERSTAND THE VENUE’S RULES: Some venues have strict no smoking rules, which might be a problem for some of your guests. Other requirements might deter you from choosing that venue, so remember to take this into consideration before booking anything!

Photography: Table 4 Weddings

Venue: Millenium Biltmore (Los Angeles, CA)

CONSIDER ON-SITE CATERING: Many venues come with an on-site caterer, which means that every event that happens at that venue is catered by that specific caterer. This can be extremely convenient because it’s one less vendor you have to look for. However, if you’ve been dreaming of a specific caterer, make sure the venue allows that.

TAKE PARKING INTO ACCOUNT: A small detail that many couples don’t know is a factor is the parking fee! It can add up to a couple thousand dollars if the venue requires valet. If there’s free parking, then it might not be an issue. However, it might be helpful to get valet anyways if your venue is in a congested neighborhood/city.

Photography: Vitae Weddings

Venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch (Simi Valley, CA)

LOOK FOR ADDITIONAL AMENITIES: Some venues offer additional services such as an included bar, vendor recommendations, on-site coordination, and so forth. The amount and types of additional amenities can make the final decision for your wedding venue!

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