Top 10 Budget Saving Tips

Hey, there love! It’s already about to be September…can you believe it?! We can’t seem to wrap our heads around the fact that pretty soon, it’s going to be fall. For now, we’ll bask in the summer sun and stay in sunny bliss.

Today’s blog post tackles our top 10 budget-saving tips. Even if your budget is no-budget, these tips will help you save your hard-earned cash!

Ready? Let’s go!

Cut the guest list.

Divide your guest list into however many groups, starting at immediate family and wedding party (if applicable) (A), extended family (B), close friends (C), coworkers (D), and so on. If you’re already at your maximum count with (A), then you know how to work with your guest list to stay under capacity.

Ask vendors for dual-services.

Some vendors offer multiple services, which can be offered to you in a bundle for a cheaper price. For example, many lighting companies also operate photo-booths, and florists can draw calligraphy for invitations, name cards, or canvas programs for the reception.

Use home decor pieces you already have.

Small details on the welcome and cocktail tables make the wedding extra special, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Chances are you have cute objects in your own home that can be utilized for your wedding.

Only order the top tier of the wedding cake.

Unless your guests are obsessed with cake, chances are most of them won’t eat it. Try having a dessert table to cater to your guests’ sweet tooth, but only order the top tier of the wedding cake for the cake cutting portion of the reception.

Limit your bridal party size.

Having a large bridal party can come with many add ons to your budget. For every bridesmaid, think of how many dresses, floral bouquets, hair and makeup sessions, and so on that are required. They can still be a part of your special day as guests, but consider incorporating close family and friends in other ways. One idea is to have the MC formally introduce your family during the reception. Speeches are another great way to include close friends who would have been in your wedding party.

Create unique centerpieces in place of flowers.

We’ve seen paper flowers in mason jars, framed photos of the couple’s favorite cities, and candles floating in tall water-filled vases just to name a few centerpiece ideas. While flowers are nice to have, what’s really important is the union of two people who are in love! Your centerpieces won’t be the focal point of your wedding-YOU are.

Ensure a fast event turnover.

When securing your ceremony and reception venues, have as little time in between them as you can. While you’d be sacrificing obviously, time, this can minimize photography and videography costs since many contracts are based on how many hours they are working.

Use large canvases as programs.

Instead of printing paper programs or menus for each guest, use an inexpensive canvas or use a large mirror that you don’t mind repurposing as the main program for all of your guests. Display it on an easel right where the guests walk in to the reception so they know what to expect.

Serve beer and wine only.

Having an open bar with all the drinks in the world is going to rack up your bartending bill like crazy. Opt to using just beer and wine, which are already two options for your guests.

Close the bar during the first dance, speeches, slideshow, etc.

This concept is similar to the quick turnover tip. Ask your bartending or catering service if you can close the bar for the first hour of the reception. During this time, schedule the bridal party entrance, your grand entrance, the father-daughter and mother-son dances, slideshows, Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches, and other events during this hour. This way, you can engage your guests while saving your money at the same time.

And just because we love you, we added an 11th tip:

Hire a wedding planner!

One of the main advantages, if not the best one, is that hiring a wedding planner saves you a TON of money and stress. The positive relationships we’ve built with vendors along with industry knowledge is how we get the best deals for our clients. Plus, we manage the event on the day of so you’re stress free!

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