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With all this information readily accessible to anyone to has the internet, it can be hard to weed through what you really need to do know to start wedding planning and what you can push off until later. While we don’t condone procrastinating and believe planning is key, we also don’t think you need to do everything all in the beginning. If you’ve been stressing out about wedding planning, you’re in luck! We’ve got our top things you can wait to do.

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WEDDING PARTY: A lot of brides stress out about choosing between perhaps a sister and a best friend as their Maid of Honor, and then have to think about who else is going to be in their bridal party. It can seem like a super-important task to officially “ask” someone or a group of girls (or guys) to walk down the aisle with you. Especially with social media, it can seem like you have to find out who your girls are going to be, and also ask them in a super cute way with decorated boxes and mini bottles of rosé.

If you’re just starting out, we say it’s aye-okay to push off assigning your bridal party until a later time. Focus on securing a venue and other large vendors so you can have a wedding in the first place, and let the people come after. It will all happen naturally and at the pace you set, so don’t give yourself unnecessary stress trying to figure out your bridal party right away.

Alternative Option: We’ve seen some brides opt out of having an official wedding party completely and just had their father walk them down the aisle. It keeps the ceremony simple and to the point. Close friends that would’ve basically been the bridal party still take pictures and hang out with the bride all day, so the effect is the same. But, there are no titles and it’s more laidback so it’s a win-win if you end up deciding not to have a wedding party!

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SEATING CHART: In any movie where a bride is in the process of wedding planning, a daunting task is always the seating chart. If you have the time, patience and if it is necessary for your guests to be seated in specific spots, then take the time to create a seating chart. Sometimes, it is the reality for some couples to strategically seat some guests closer together or even the opposite, farther away. If you’re not in that boat however, don’t create more stress for yourself by having to have a seating chart. You don’t! Spend time on other parts of the wedding that you actually care about and are worth more of your time.

Alternative Option: A seating chart is not absolutely necessary! We’ve seen couples separate their guests by association like “work friends”, “West High School friends”, and “(Last Name) Family” to name a few, and they would give that group a table (maybe even two or more if needed) so they can seat themselves. It’s an easy way to ensure that people who know each other will be seated together while eliminating a lot of stress for you!



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PARTY FAVORS: It seems like everyone gives away some sort of floral arrangement or box of chocolates to each of their guests once the reception is over. It can get very costly, especially if you want to get whatever the party favor is monogrammed with your initials and wedding date.

Alternative Option: These are also cute for pictures but not necessary! It’s a sweet gesture to give your guests a little take away gift, but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth since not everyone remembers to take it home! If your budget can’t cut it or you’re running out of time, opt out of party favors! The most important thing your guests will walk away with is the beautiful memory of you getting married!

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