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We love all things to do with wedding and event design, and what continues to drive us is finding trends we love and sharing it with whoever needs a little inspiration. Recently, we were inspired by a wedding we just coordinated that involved using light! It’s a beautiful and dreamy element that can elevate your wedding aesthetic to the next level. We gathered our favorite ways we’ve seen light being used, so that maybe you’ll incorporate these unique details to your wedding day.

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TWINKLE LIGHTS: These are a classic and commonly-used way to incorporate light into your wedding. It’s simple, casual and has a no-frills attitude about it. It’s perfect for outdoor receptions even during the day, or you can use it inside a ballroom to create even more of a dreamy feel.

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LIGHTBULB INSTALLATION: This is a trend that is being seen in modern and industrial-styled weddings. (Click here if you want more modern wedding inspiration; Click here if you want more industrial wedding inspiration.) It’s a robust and unique way to illuminate your wedding space while being a cut above in terms of design and creativity.

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FLOATING LANTERNS: These totally give us “Tangled” (Disney princess movie) vibes, and that’s what we love about them! It’s symbolic of letting go of your old self and embracing your new life, floating through life’s challenges as one married couple. It’s a beautiful and show-stopping detail that will stick with your for the rest of your life!

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SPARKLERS: Send-off’s are another place you can use light in the form of sparklers! Have your wedding coordinators set up your guests and photographers/videographers outside, ready with sparklers in hand. Have your couple wait just outside for the big reveal. Light everyone’s sparklers (quickly so they don’t run out), and as soon as the last sparkler is lit, invite the happy couple outside. Their faces will light up and it will be a moment they’ll cherish forever.

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