Food Trucks

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to throw the party of your dreams. If you’re known to be the hostess-with-the-mostest, food trucks are a unique, unexpected, and yummy way to make your wedding the event of the year.

Here are N&FL’s tips to planning your food truck reception.

Ready? Let’s go!

Food Trucks vs. Catering Companies

Food trucks operate differently than a traditional catering company. They are more casual, so booking them six months in advance is not necessary, and might actually not follow through when the wedding date comes closer. Book your food truck 1-2 months out, and call to confirm once more a week out.

Consider It “Outside Catering”

Since food trucks are considered outside catering, make sure this is cleared with your reception venue before you book them. Also ask the venue if they can help you arrange parking and other logistics that need to be cleared by the city in order for the food truck to legally park on city property, streets, etc.

Do the Math

One food truck is able to produce enough portions for about 70 people, so do the math according to your guest count. Keep in mind that your guests will most likely want second helpings so you might want to consider having more than one truck to reduce waiting times.

Create a Custom Menu

Creating a menu of your choice is an easy way to elevate the food truck dishes you already love. Your guests will walk away with happy (and full) bellies and talk about your wedding reception food for months!

Add a Drink

Whether it’s a mocktail or full-on moonshine, don’t forget to add a specialty drink! Name it after a hashtag you’re already using for the wedding, so guests (and you) will never forget the small details that made your wedding one to remember.

Bonus Tips

-Be mindful of the weather if you plan to have an outdoor reception.

-Make sure the casual design of the food truck goes well with the rest of your wedding.

-You can offer the food truck as the cocktail party appetizer or late night snack/dessert option.


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