Modern Wedding Ideas

Welcome to the Now and Forever Love blog, where each week we share with you our favorite bits of wedding inspiration. One of the most exciting aspects about wedding planning is that there are so many styles to choose from. Traditional, chic, minimalistic, glam, and special themes are the most popular routes that couples take.

What’s the point of these categories? Having a direction and overall vision for your wedding will help tie all the parts of it together from venue selection and invitation design, to reception centerpieces and party favor gifts.

A trend we’ve been loving is the modern wedding. Clean lines, basic colors, metallic details, and a high-end feel are some characteristics of this style. Here are some ideas that will make your event stand out as a modern and beautiful wedding.

Ready? Let’s go!


Photo: Hudson Loft

Venue selection is essential if you’re looking to achieve a particular design goal. Venues that carry modern characteristics are typically lofts (i.e. Hudson Loft, Los Angeles) with plenty of windows and glass. High ceilings are also a plus because they help elevate the space and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

Color Palette

Photo: Jose Alvarado Photography

The modern style mainly focuses on neutrals, while adding metallic gold or silver elements to make the design pop. Accent colors can be incorporated to add some personality and flare, but keep in mind that too many colors can start to make the design look sloppy.


Terrariums are the perfect example of a modern wedding decor piece. It blends the hardness and simplicity of glass (in most cases) with natural and untamed elements from shrubbery, succulents, and other small plants.

The Dress

Photo: Floravere

If you want to commit to the overall modern theme of your wedding, don’t forget that the dress plays a huge role! Your wedding pictures are centered around you and your spouse, which also means that your dress is going to appear in virtually every picture. Modern wedding dresses have the same characteristics as the overall design elements: clean lines, little to no lace, high pleats, and simple cut outs.

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