Moody Trend for 2018

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New trends are what gets us excited about the wedding industry time and time again. It’s what allows couples to show off their personality and make their wedding unique and unforgettable. If that sounds like something up your alley, then you’re in for a treat!

We’re going to share our “moody” trend that we think will dominate in 2018.

Ready? Let’s go!

WHAT IS IT? As you can tell from the title, what does the “moody” trend mean? We’ve seen lush greenery take center stage in 2017, and we absolutely loved it! The overflowing green foliage gives a romantic and woodsy character to any wedding. Now that 2017 is over, we feel that people are yearning for the trend to evolve. The moody trend embodies drama, texture and bold colors. Instead of having a bunch of the same greenery (i.e. eucalyptus), adding layers of varying plants will give the florals more detail.


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Oh Best Day Ever

DOES IT HAVE TO BE JUST DEEP REDS? The colors are also subject to shift. The Pantone color of the year for 2018 is ultra violet, so expect some nods to the purple family. Adding darker shades will emulate the moody vibe, while bringing in some lighter shades will add highlights and variance to the florals.

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IS THIS JUST A FALL TREND? This trend isn’t just for fall or winter. Create some drama this summer with darker and moodier decor. You’ll be making a statement in any season! The industrial theme goes really well with the moodier vibe because it shares the same bold characteristics. (Click here to check out our post on the industrial trend.) (Click here to see other creative ways to use light.)

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WHERE ELSE CAN I INCLUDE THE TREND? The makeup and hair is a place where you can be really bold with the moody trend! Try a darker lipstick (If you’re up for the black, go for it!) to tie the trend in with all the little details. You can even go for a dramatic hairstyle with lots of curls for added volume, aka drama.

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