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Whether you’re planning your own wedding or are in need of some help planning someone else’s, we’ve got you covered here on the blog. Although we still have some ways to go before summer, planning is always done in advance so talking about summer now is totally up for grabs!

We realize you can go an infinite amount of ways in terms of design and color scheme, but we thought we’d help you out and give you some direction if you’re stuck. This color is great because we can see this transitioning from one season to the next, so in a way it’s universal. “What’s the dang color?!” you ask? We’re talking about dusty blue!

Wanna hear our reasons why? Let’s go!

DESIGN: The watercolor trend is huge, and is continuing to dominate the stationary realm. In addition to the “flow-y” look of watercolor invitations, the marble trend has been seen on wedding cakes as well. Dusty blue is naturally a great color if you’re going for a relaxed, but beautifully unique design for your wedding.


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TABLE SETTING: Dusty blue can go so many ways, from a romantic beach theme to casual yet elegant setting. Since blue is a statement color but can be subdued, it’s the perfect color that transitions well as an overall transition color between all elements of the wedding. It ties the whole space together beautifully, as shown by the image below.

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FLOWERS: With traditional roses out the window for some time now, it’s safe to say that anything goes in terms of flower colors. Even dusty blue can be elegant and sophisticated if arranged properly. Succulents and other water-resistant plants are a great addition if you want your arrangements to have a pop of color.

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