The Naked Cake

Photography || Janeane Marie Photography


Hello and welcome back to Now and Forever Love! One of the exciting things about the wedding industry is that there is no limit to the various design elements that make a wedding beautiful. One of the trends that has made a splash in the industry is: the naked cake!

Even though some folks aren’t into the trend, we can’t deny that there’s something clean, elegant, and pleasing to the eyes about naked cakes. Is anyone else with us? Let’s just indulge for a little and bring on some cake lovin’.

Here are our reasons why we love the naked cake:

  1. Simply put, simple is the best.
  2. It lets the flowers shine.
  3. Healthier and less sweet.
  4. Avoid mispellings of names.
  5. Shows off the lush cake.
  6. Organic, rustic vibe.
  7. Great for outdoor weddings.
  8. Clean look with crisp edges.
  9. It (still) tastes delicious.

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